MASTER ELEVIGHT  Radikālāks augstas veiktspējas freeride līdz frīstaila twintip dēlis

izmērs 136/41,  139/42,  142/43


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Radikālāks augstas veiktspējas freeride līdz frīstaila twintip dēlis, Master ir paredzēts braucējiem ar jaudīgu stilu, kas veic big airs un taisa  pārtvēriena trikus. Dēlim ar modernu jaunu veidni un konstrukciju Super Fly 3D Paulownia koka kodols samazinātam svaram Aviācijas un kosmosa klases Spread Tow Carbon string izsmalcinātai elastībai Jauns Multi Stage Rocker ar dziļiem kanāliem labākai saķerei Dažādas slīpās sliedes optimizētai elastībai, ātrumam un popam.




A more radical high-performance freeride to freestyle twintip, the Master is for riders with a powerful style boosting big airs and sent handlepass tricks.


  • Performance freeride to freestyle twin tip with an advanced new mould and construction
  • Super Fly 3D Paulownia wood Core for reduced weight
  • Aerospace-grade Spread Tow Carbon stringer for refined flex
  • New Multi Stage Rocker with deep tip channels for better grip
  • Varying PRS bevelled rails for optimised flex, speed, and pop




Our renowned shred stick, the Master, continues to exceed the expectations of riders with an aggressive style, pushing their limits. Developed with world champion team rider Arthur Guillebert as a driving force of development, every inch of this board is dedicated to boosting staggering mega loops and stomping technical freestyle tricks.

The Master unites the best of both worlds in terms of radical freeride and freestyle performance. We fused superior design, unmatched materials, and masterful craftsmanship, and then added a whole bunch of innovative features. The result is our best masterpiece twintip yet!

The new 3-D dome deck and bevelled rails vary the thickness of the edges along the board’s outline allowing the tips to be thinner while increasing stability. This helps the release when popping and carbon stringers top and bottom also refine flex and increase speed. The Master pops higher than ever before, giving riders more time to execute freestyle tricks.

Our highly innovative PRS rails improve upwind travel, cut through chop more comfortably, and enhance speed, while the new Multi Stage Rocker with deep tip channels gives better grip. Staying in control and holding the edge is a breeze, even in raging storms. The Master continues to drive riders that push the limits and is the chosen weapon to get them there.


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